Monday, March 14, 2011

Frederick State Legislative Districts?

Here is a potential map for two state legislative districts centered on Frederick County. Bear in mind that the population figures may be a bit off as Maryland requires that the numbers be readjusted to reallocate the prison population to their last known address.

Republicans hope that growth in "Republican" parts of the State, like Frederick might aid their party in legislative contests. However, the number of Democrats has grown along with Frederick's population and it is not difficult to draw one legislative district that leans to each party.

The northern district would be heavily Republican, having gone for McCain over Obama by 59-39. It includes a small slice of Washington County, though it could alternatively include part of Carroll County. District 4 now includes much of the same territory in Frederick as well as a big slice of western Carroll which is currently a separate subdistrict (4B) for elections to the House of Delegates. District 4 currently elects all Republicans.

The southern district includes the City of Frederick and would lean heavily Democratic; it went for Obama over McCain by 57-42. This district resembles current District 3 which is broken into two districts for purposes of House elections. District 3A is centered on the City of Frederick and elects one Democrat and one Republican. District 3B includes southern Frederick County and elects a Republican.

If the new district were at large, both Republican delegates might face a stiff fight for reelection. On the other hand, both might find hope in the fact they have already done well in territory that has otherwise been favorable to Democrats. Sen. Ron Young defeated Alex Mooney to take District 3's Senate seat in 2010.