Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hoisted from the Comments

Several people have posted some stories about Jane Lawton in the comments. Rather than leave them buried there, I thought I'd post them here.

From Aaron K. in Chevy Chase:

I will miss Jane VERY MUCH She was one of most warm ,decent people I have ever met! She was always there with a big hug and warm smile. Jane was an outstanding delegate who impressed so many ! She was a passionate advocate for people with disablities like me . Mostly however I will miss Jane the woman! Jane Rest in peace we love you!
From Rick L. in Silver Spring:
I am deeply saddened by the loss of this gracious, articulate, intelligent and warm individual. My heart goes out to her family.

We as a community and as a state, have all suffered a great loss.
From Kevin Gillogly:
I was re-reading her bio on the MD General Assembly website and it says she was a Phi Beta Kappa. That was typical of her. She never had to let you know how smart she was. And she was smart, no doubt.

I remember one of the first lessons I learned about politics from my mentor who said "no one cares how much you know UNTIL you show how much you care". That was Jane. She really did show how much she cared.
From Louise Moody:
I am so sad to hear about Jane. She could be serious and focused but still make you feel like you were all at a great big party just having fun! It was wonderful having such a bright but down-to-earth person representing us in Annapolis.
From Dana Beyer:
I remember sitting next to Jane when she was first selected by the Central Committee to replace John Hurson. It was not an easy night; she took nothing for granted, was quite anxious as you would expect but was always gracious and elegant. It was an honor to be present with her.

Ana related to me today that during the tumultuous session last month she and Jane would have dinner and talk about family, breaking from work to focus on what was most important and lasting. Jane talked about her daughters with enormous pride. Our hearts go out to them and to Steve on this very difficult day.
From Marc:
Jane was a wonderful woman to me both politically and personally. Personally, she was always kind to me and even took the time to help me with my Master's thesis. I will never forget her warm greetings, constant smile and cheery outlook.
From retgroclk:
During the last County Executive race- as I was mingling with the audience-- a woman walked up to me and told me not be discouraged-despite the lack of publicity and support- some people would hear what i had to say and identify with my message.

I did not know of Jane Lawton then- did not know who she was or what she was running for.

When she got elected- I remembered her words- now once again on a sadder occasion I remember them again- she was a class act.
From Link Hoewing:
Jane and I have a long and interesting relationship. Jane's longstanding expertise on telecommunications issues meant that she and I would have disagreements on a number of occasions regarding regulatory policy. As a consumer advocate, she often appeared on panels and I have debated her from time to time on telecommunications policy issues. She was smart, tough and uncompromising. But her focus, as is too often not the case these days, was on policy disputes, not on attacking someone's character or belittling their views. I admired her skills and smarts. And outside of the policy debates, she was fun to be with. I certainly will miss her.
From Sharon Grosfeld:
As we mourn Jane's passing, her memory will always be one of grace, warmth and generosity of spirit. Her compassion for others in difficult situations, coupled with her desire to protect our fragile environment will be part of her great legacy.
As prayers for healing and strength go out to her family and friends, we all know that touches of Jane remain within our community and within ourselves. It was a privilege to have known you. May you be at peace.