Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rich Madaleno for Al Carr

Dear Central Committee Member:

Tonight you face a significant decision on behalf of the residents of District 18. We are fortunate to have attracted a field of great candidates. However, I believe that one candidate, Al Carr, stands out from the pack. He has the experience and skills to be an outstanding State Delegate. I respectfully request your support for his candidacy.

I have known Al for six years and have witnessed his hard work as a member of the Kensington Town Council during that time. I have also worked with Al on a number of bills before the General Assembly. Working together with Sharon Grosfeld, Jane Lawton, Ana Sol GutiĆ©rrez, Jeff Waldstreicher, and me over the past two years, Al led the fight to end the electric companies’ monopoly control over street lighting in our state. While this issue did not gain flashy headlines, this new law will help local governments gain control over the cost, quality, and efficiency of street lights, a surprisingly large public expenditure. Al led a coalition of municipal and county governments in this fight. He was strong and fair in negotiations with the utilities. He demonstrated the skills I believe are the hallmarks of an effective legislator: diligence, attention to detail, patience, honesty, intelligence, and thoughtfulness.

In the 19 years I have been associated with the General Assembly, I have gained an understanding of who succeeds in Annapolis and why. In the House in particular, success as a Delegate is dependent upon one’s hard work and active participation in committee. Except for a handful of political fault line issues such as taxes, choice, marriage equality, or immigration, the overwhelming majority of bills that pass do so without comment or opposition on the floor. They are refined and amended in committee deliberations. Successful Delegates commit themselves to their committee work. Al Carr intuitively knows this as he is already a member of a legislative body. He understands the legislative process and will be effective in Annapolis for years to come.

Finally, as the Senator for District 18, I can report that more constituents, including our vitally important precinct officials, have taken the time to contact me in support of Al Carr than any other candidate. I think it is indicative of his deep involvement in our district. His appointment will bring stability and continuity to our District. He is worthy of your vote.

In closing, I wish you the best of luck in making this decision. As you can imagine, I wish we were not in this situation. Jane Lawton was a leader in our community who touched and improved the lives of many. She was a colleague, friend, and confidante to me and was known as “Auntie Delegate Jane” in our home. She made our world a better place and will be missed by all.

Sincerely, Rich Madaleno