Monday, December 10, 2007

Support for Roz Pelles

Note: Sharon Dooley was a candidate for the County Council from District 2 (Upcounty) in 2006. She has been involved a range of issues in Montgomery County. Maryland Politics Watch welcomes endorsements and will post them here.

I attended the panel discussion in District 18 last evening and was impressed by many of the candidates. I have reflected on the answers and depth of knowledge of the topics discussed. I also looked at life long participation in the community. I also considered age, race and gender as those issues are also part of who people are and what they bring to any table. As a person who knew Jane fairly well, I would like to see her successor be a person most likely to reflect her views on conservation, housing issues, consumer matters and womens' concerns.
Considering all of the above I support Roz Pelles for the open seat in District 18. She can hit the ground running with her background in legislative and communication skills and she has demonstrated a life long commitment to concerns that bring us together. She will be a person that matters for us in Annapolis. As a resident of the county for more than 20 years, she has a familiarity with the purple line, the ICC and other transportation problems that impact the District and I believe will carefully reflect on the future decisions that need to be made in these areas. I have known her for several years and admired her life's work. Hers is not a loud voice but rather one than quietly demonstrates competence.

Sharon Dooley