Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dee Schofield for Al Carr

To The Members of MCDCC:

This past Sunday, 18 of you witnessed democracy in action at our District 18 Democratic Caucus Legislative Candidates' Forum. We were heartened that so many of you come out on a cold, rainy Sunday evening to hear the candidates who have decided they want to represent us, the voters of District 18. We thank you for taking the time to attend, and we especially thank those of you who made the effort to ask us what we think and who we support.

The District 18 Caucus members who attended (and many did) take their responsibility to the Democratic voters in their precincts seriously. We precinct officials try to monitor the pulse of our precincts and stay up to date on the local issues and concerns they experience.

So when I tell you that I support Al Carr for our open Delegate seat, I of course am expressing my personal judgment that he's the best person for the job. But I'm also mindful of Democrats in my precinct who know Al and think highly of him, and I'm reflecting their esteem in my endorsement of Al as well.

My experience with the voters of District 18 is long and deep: I've lived here 30 years, and I've been a District 18 precinct coordinator, chair, or vice chair for 20 of those years.

On the basis of that experience, I can state that District 18 voters have a genuine appreciation for the qualities that Al possesses - sound judgment, perseverance, patience, coalition building, careful listening, and substantive accomplishment in public office. Given his record of public service in D18 and his work with the Democratic Party in D18, it's hardly surprising that folks who live here support him.

Our Forum was the District 18 voters' only opportunity to see these candidates, most of whom are not widely known in our District. They are an impressive lot, and we will follow up with those who are not selected this evening to make sure they are brought into the D18 Democratic family.

We must rely on you 23 to represent the interests of District 18 voters. It is a heavy burden to place on MCDCC, and I know you take your responsibility seriously.

But please don't forget the approximately 100 District 18 citizens who also came out on a cold, rainy Sunday, hoping to participate in democracy. Represent us wisely.

Thank you for hearing my views.

Dee Schofield

Silver Spring