Monday, December 10, 2007

Karen Czapanskiy Supports Roz

Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) Member Karen Czapanskiy asked me to post this letter to the other members of the MCDCC:

Tomorrow night we face another tough decision. District 18 has produced a group of terrific candidates, but only one can be named to Jane's seat. I've decided to vote for Roz Pelles.

Roz has a long and distinguished career in national and county politics. She has made a name for herself on issues of justice and fairness for people of color, for women, for members of unions, for new residents and new citizens. Her list of accomplishments is daunting and enough for two careers for most people. She demonstrated her capacity to listen to many views and to express her own views with clarity, wit and compassion during the forum on Tuesday. She inspires listeners to open their hearts and minds to claims of social justice. She's a class act who would bring amazing talents and knowledge to the state legislature. I hope we will jump at the chance to send her there.

I am joined in my high opinion of Roz by many other folks whose opinions we should value. Most notably, the Lawton family identified her, among all the candidates in this very strong field, as the person most worthy of filling the seat Jane filled so well.

All of us have heard from many people in the district, and we share an appropriate concern that our decision should reflect the wishes of those in the district. We've heard the most about Al Carr, a terrific candidate who has much to offer. We should honor those who've contacted us and give their opinions our full consideration. We should keep in mind, however, that the community has had less than 2 weeks to absorb the awful news about Jane's passing and to decide what to say to us about the vacancy. Many of those we've heard from probably heard about our process because they are connected to the party or a candidate who entered the race early. While many good people in any district are connected in those ways, many good people in any district are not. If there were more time for them to learn about our process and contact us, we would probably hear a great deal more about Roz. Indeed, the emails we have been receiving today is showing exactly such an upswell in support. I hope, therefore, that we put the comments we've received in their appropriate context.