Friday, December 07, 2007

New Entrant for District 18 Vacancy

Rosalyn Pelles plans to apply today to for the vacant delegate seat in District 18. I've posted her resume below (any formatting problems are mine). She looks like could be a strong candidate and give Al Carr, the current front runner according to Eric Luedtke over at Free State Politics, a run for the seat. In addition to the activities listed below, many undoubtedly know Roz Pelles as the mother of Hugh Bailey, who unsuccessfully ran for the County Council in 2006 and the recent delegate vacancy in District 39. She is rumored to be supported by County Councilmember Valerie Ervin.

Rosalyn Woodward Pelles
2105 Seminary Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Director 2005 - present
Civil, Human, and Women’s Rights Department

Develop, manage and direct the national civil, human and women’s rights programs of the AFL-CIO; provide assistance to national labor unions and constituency groups affiliated with the AFL-CIO; coordinate the efforts of the Federation with national civil and women’s rights organizations.

Executive Director 2003-2005
Union Community Fund

Managed the operations of UCF, labor organization, including supervision of staff and fiscal oversight; directed organizational program; advised Board of Directors on policy matters; developed training fundraising curriculums; drafted grant proposals; implemented policies of the organization in accordance with organizational mission.

Deputy Director
Union Community Fund

Established local affiliates of the Union Community Funds; designed and conducted national and local UCF fundraising workshops, developed fundraising campaign and organizational materials, coordinated field activities, drafted administrative procedures and policies, and supervised staff.

Labor/Community Coalitions Coordinator 1996-2000

Built alliances between labor organizations and civil rights, religious, women’s and community organizations; provided training and assistance in the area of coalition building to Central Labor Councils, State Federations, and AFL-CIO field staff; consultant to international unions on labor/community alliance in union organizing drive; represented the AFL-CIO at conferences and meetings of community and faith-based organizations; designed and conducted training workshops; developed training manual on labor/community alliances; and coordinated national labor projects.

Executive Director and Special Assistant to the President 1994-1996
National Rainbow Coalition

Managed the operations of the organization, including supervision of staff and fiscal oversight; developed national projects – civic participation, employment; coordinated and managed all national programs and projects; planned and implemented merger of the National Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH; negotiated agreements with corporations on matters of minority hiring, affirmative action, economic inclusion, and diversity; public representative of the National Rainbow Coalition; advised Board of Directors and Coalition President, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, on policy matters.

Labor Director 1993-1994
National Rainbow Coalition

Developed organization’s labor priorities and activities; developed strategy for involvement of organization’s members in labor activities; drafted briefing materials, position papers and brochures on labor issues; researched and analyzed labor issues and trends; organized national labor conferences and meetings; and served as organization’s liaison to national and international labor unions and labor organizations.

Executive Director 1992-1993
National Education Association Staff Organization (NEASO)

Managed the operations of NEASO; implemented the policies of the Board of Directors; supervised employees; represented National Education Association (NEA) employees in arbitration hearings; negotiated settlements and collective bargaining agreements and provided assistance to union committees; worked with National Education Association officers to

National Representative 1990-1992
National Treasury Employees Union

Represented federal employees in arbitration and administrative hearings; conducted negotiations; researched and analyzed legal issues and trends; provided assistance to union officials; developed and conducted seminars for union stewards and leaders.

Legislative Analyst 1989-1990
Maryland General Assembly

Drafted legislation for legislative bodies of the state of Maryland in the areas of Employment, Courts and Judicial Proceedings and Family Law; reviewed and drafted regulations; conducted research; provided technical assistance to legislators and legislative committees.


Juris Doctor 1989
Howard University School of Law, Washington, D.C.

Bachelor of Arts 1986
North Carolina Central University, Durham, N.C.


Board of Directors 2007
Highlander Research and Education Center

Member of the Board of Directors of the Highlander Education Center, an historic adult education center for community workers involved in social and economic justice movements. The mission of the Highlander Center is to provide education and support to people fighting against economic injustice, poverty, prejudice and environmental destruction.

Commissioner 2007
Montgomery County Human Rights Commission

Commissioner appointed by the Montgomery County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. The Commission’s duties mandate that it work to eliminate discrimination, prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry in housing, recreation, education, health, employment, public accommodations, and justice, regardless of race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, genetic status, presence of children, or source of income, and promote goodwill, cooperation, understanding and human relations among all County residents. The Commission also handles appeals and hearings for discrimination complaints.

Board of Directors 2005-present
Montgomery Women

Vice president of the Board of Directors of Montgomery Women, a County nonpartisan leadership and political action committee, tasked to promote the leadership of women.

Board of Directors
Interfaith Worker Justice 2004 -present

Member of Board of Directors Interfaith Worker Justice, an organization which educates, organizes, and mobilizes the religious community in the United States on issues and campaigns that improve the wages, benefits and working conditions for workers, especially workers in low-wage jobs. My primary responsibility is chairperson of the public policy committee and member of the executive committee.

President, Board of Directors 2004-present
Greensboro Justice Fund

President of the Board of Directors for Greensboro Justice Fund, a regional foundation that makes grants to community-based organizations that have projects located in the South and focus on social and economic justice in the workplace or community.

Commissioner 1998-2000
Montgomery County Women’s Commission

Commissioner appointed by the Montgomery County Executive and confirmed by the County Council to study and advise the County Council on issues that affect women, and to initiate programs and projects that benefit women in the County. My assignments included legislative and workplace committees.

Coordinating Committee 1993-1997
Metrpolitan Women’s Organizing Project

Member of governing body of the Metropolitan Women’s Organizing Project, an organization in the Washington, D.C. area, dedicated to providing assistance to women facing gender discrimination and to assisting women in low wage jobs who are organizing in the workplace.