Monday, December 10, 2007

Sylvia Tognetti Supports Al Carr

I think MCDCC is unable to post letters of candidate support at this point, probably because they are being inundated. There is clearly a lot of passion behind the candidates. I've been doing my best to put up letters in support of candidates so everyone can see them.

Dear Members of the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee,

As a resident of District 18, I am writing to strongly urge you to support of Al Carr for the open delegate seat. I was among those who campaigned for him in the last election, in which he received a good portion of the votes in our district. It was for a good reason. He was then and is now the only person running who has a record of impressive accomplishments as an elected official in our area, and is not afraid to take a stand on difficult issues. He has been a particularly strong advocate on issues related to growth, public transportation and the environment that are important to all of us.

I realize we have another candidate who has impressive credentials, and I hope she will campaign for office at the next available opportunity, during the regular election cycle, so that we can all have the opportunity to get to know her better. I had the opportunity to hear her remarks at the candidates forum, and expect I will campaign for her myself at such time. But as a matter of principle, I cannot support someone unknown in our district, when we have someone well qualified who is familiar with the issues as well as the process, and who has strong support in our district - where I also serve as chair of precinct 13-58. I also find our process of filling vacancies – by a vote of MCDCC members - the majority of whom do not even live in District 18, to be appalling. I hope ask that you not only consider but also give some deference to the views of those of us who will be represented by the new delegate. I recall that Jane Lawton was also appointed in this way, but she had run in the prior election, and like Al, had previously served as an elected official. She earned my greatest respect.

Sylvia S. Tognetti