Thursday, December 06, 2007

On Al Carr and Same-Sex Marriage

Paul Gordon's post about the Al Carr's position on same-sex marriage in the 2006 primary reminds me of my own post-debate interaction with Al. I remember watching Al during the debate and thinking that he was a bit shy and awkward but somehow finding it endearing because it was also clear that he was genuine and honest.

However, I also noticed that Al had quietly not committed to support marriage equality and asked him about it after the debate. Al told me that he "still needed to be educated" on this topic and was open to hearing my views. Apparently, based on recent events, his views have evolved and he now promises to promote marriage equality in the House.

I imagine some might view this evolution as expediency even though he had introduced a resolution on this topic to the Kensington Town Council prior to the current vacancy in District 18. Honestly, I don't really care all that much as long as he represents my views well in Annapolis. A person's inner convictions are between him, his conscience, and the Almighty.

However, just for the record, I believe Al's support is not merely the result of political windsurfing. When I spoke with Al, I saw someone wrestling with new ideas. And I respect someone who doesn't misrepresent his position out of political convenience.

I've never seen an iota of intolerance toward gays or anyone else from Al. Indeed, it seems unnecessary (and slightly ridiculous) to defend him on this point because it's just obvious to anyone who met him that he is just simply not that sort of person. And I'll admit to having a soft spot for anyone who picks Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as his political hero during a debate as his vision for America remains the right one.

I haven't mentioned the views of the other candidates. I think it goes without saying that Dana Beyer, who tells me that she was elected Vice President of Equality Maryland last night, will also support marriage equality. I can't say that I know Oscar Ramirez's views but I'd be happy to post them. It is also worth mentioning that Jane Lawton, whose untimely passing caused the vacancy, was a supporter of marriage equality.