Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Congratulations to Al Carr

I can't quite call him "Delegate Al Carr" because Governor Martin O'Malley still has to formally make the appointment and he has to be sworn in as the most junior member of the House of Delegates. However, congratulations to our new delegate. Al is a fine person, widely respected in the District, and I think he will do his utmost to represent us well in the House of Delegates.

Kudos to the other candidates. It takes guts to put yourself out as a candidate. So let's give a hand to Roz Pelles, Rick Kessler, Fred Cooper, and George English. I heard a lot from supporters of Roz Pelles. She is an impressive speaker with a real passion for public service. Rick Kessler also clearly made a splash. Both garnered real support; I hope all the candidates remain involved in the Democratic Party and District 18.

Detailed results below.