Friday, December 07, 2007

Letters and Recs for District 18 Vacancy

The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee is making the selection process more transparent by posting letters of recommendation as well as applications on its website. So far, there are applications from Dana Beyer, George English, and Rick Kessler. There are letters of support for Al Carr and Oscar Ramirez.

Six people have submitted letters on behalf of Al Carr, including Kensington Councilmember Sharon Scott, Chevy Chase Councilmember Mier Wolf, and former District 18 Candidate James Browning. The endorsement committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Hispanic Club sent a letter in support of its president, Oscar Ramirez.

Rick Kessler has an impressive resume, including experience as Chief of Staff to Rep. John Dingell and representing New Jersey in DC. His major local involvement appears to have been running Sen. Rob Garagiola's (D-15) GOTV campaign. George English has run unsuccessfully for office, including the U.S. Senate; his website has a variety of issue papers. His application touts his participation in Democratic groups and his lack of involvement in "any political coalition."