Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Scenes From The MCDCC Vote

Ok. I was wedged in the back next the file cabinets so the photos are not the best. But here goes.

MCDCC member Vic Weissberg talks to an interested observer.
District 18 activist, Dee Schofield prior to the vote.
MCDCC member Jose Vazquez prior to the vote. Back row: Delegates Reznik (39), Ali (39), and Gutierrez (18), who is partially hidden.
MCDCC Chair Karen Britto and Vice Alan Banov going over the procedure.
Foreground: members of the MCDCC including from left, Oscar Ramirez, Vivian Malloy (in pink), Elly Shaw-Belblidia, Dan Adcock (in suitcoat)
MCDCC members voting
From front to back: Jose Vazquez, Karen Czapanskiy (partially hidden), Beth Siniawsky, Darrell Anderson (handing his ballot), Vic Weissberg, and Arthur Edmunds (back to camera)
Candidates wait as votes are collected
Candidates from right to left are: Roz Pelles, Rick Kessler, George English, Fred Cooper, and Al Carr
Assistant Secretary Marie Wallace stands as she announces the votes.
To her left are candidates Al Carr and Fred Cooper.
Foreground (with backs to camera) are MCDCC members Milt Minneman (left) and Marc Korman.