Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pre-Vote Call for Democratic Unity

As we saw at the District 18 Democratic Forum on Sunday, we have a selection of excellent candidates. Based on what I am hearing, Al Carr and Roz Pelles are the leading candidate though Rick Kessler may surprise and perform better than expected. I am confident that any of them would serve us well in Annapolis.

Things have gotten rather heated over the last few days. I'm been amazed by the level of interest in the vacancy for one delegate seat in not just District 18 but around the County. Numerous sources have told me that the phone wires have been burning up with calls made to lobby people for one or the other candidates.

Since all of these candidates are Democrats, support is largely determined by personal networks rather than issues. People support one or the other of the candidates because they know them, have worked with them, and respect them. Fortunately, the lobbying effort has been positive for the most part so hopefully any divisions can heal quickly and we can work well with our new delegate. While many people support one candidate, most seem to hold them all in esteem.

That is not to say that the loser (or anyone else) is not welcome to contest the election in 2010. Politicians have to earn their post at every election and any eligible citizen has the right to present them for consideration by the voters. However, the next election is three years away so we should knuckle down to deal with the pressing problems of our community and leave 2010 to the future.