Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Arora Claims 3,000 Doorknocks

In an email to his supporters, District 19 House candidate Sam Arora is claiming to have knocked on 3,000 doors, made 1,000 phone calls and sent 1,500 handwritten notes to voters. Following is the email from Monday.

Dear [Voter],

There are 99 days left until Maryland’s Primary Election Day, and I wanted to give you an update on our campaign to put Sam Arora in the Maryland House of Delegates. He has been out there every day campaigning hard…and he is getting noticed.

Last week, the Maryland House of Delegates Majority Leader Kumar Barve endorsed Sam! The Majority Leader sees what you and I know—that Sam is a fighter who has what it takes to bring new ideas to Annapolis.

Leader Barve noticed Sam the same way thousands of people in District 19 have—through his tireless efforts to improve his community—and as Sam’s campaign manager, I know that the way we are going to win is to keep Sam out there meeting voters in person. Will you keep the momentum going by making a contribution and giving Sam the resources he needs to continue getting noticed?

We are running an aggressive grassroots campaign, powered by several dozen volunteers and a professional campaign staff. Sam and our campaign volunteers have already knocked on over 3,000 doors, made about 1,000 phone calls, and sent over 1,500 handwritten notes to District 19 voters. Every contribution you make helps Sam to reach voters in a district where the margin of victory in the last election was just 238 votes.

Help keep Sam's momentum going with a gift of $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can contribute.

Thank you for everything you do, and please feel free to email me anytime.


Russ Rampersad
Campaign Manager