Monday, April 27, 2009

How State Budget Cuts Hit MoCo

Here's the latest on how much Montgomery County will suffer because of state budget cuts.

Total state aid is up 3.1%. Education did well (up 9.9%) because of federal funds and repayment of aid not transmitted to the county last year, but transportation and Program Open Space were devastated.

State aid will be $42.2 million less than assumed by the county under state formulas. The biggest cutbacks will be in transportation and jail support.

On the capital budget side, Montgomery is scheduled to receive $26 million for school construction. Because not all construction money has been allocated, the county could eventually get $30 million or more. But that is far short of the $46 million goal set by Senator Rich Madaleno (D-18), the county's Senate Delegation chair.

On the bright side, Big Daddy's push to send teacher pensions down to the counties did not succeed. But there's always next year!