Friday, April 24, 2009

District 4 Precinct Tidbits

The individual precinct totals are up. Next week, we’ll have a full analysis. But here’s a couple tidbits to hold you over.

Leisure World

In the two Leisure World precincts, turnout was 23.6% (much higher than the 10.45% turnout rate in the precinct total count). Kramer blew out Navarro in these two precincts by 798-280, a 67-24% advantage. Navarro lost Leisure World to Don Praisner last time by 153 votes (47-32%).


Precinct 8-04 is Ben Kramer’s home precinct. He lost to Navarro there by a 25-22 vote. Precinct 8-06 is Rona Kramer’s home precinct. Ben Kramer lost it to Navarro by a 114-71 vote. Precinct 5-18 is Ike Leggett’s home precinct. Kramer lost it to Navarro by a 45-33 vote. Precinct 5-12 is the Praisners’ home precinct. Kramer outpolled Navarro there, but only by 89-90. Navarro won her home precinct (5-05) by 142-138.

Other Precincts

Precinct 13-33 is the site of Kemp Mill Elementary School and has a substantially Jewish population. Kramer defeated Navarro there by 147-73. Precinct 5-21 (Eastern County Regional Center) had the highest African-American percentage in the district in 2000 (57%). Navarro defeated Kramer there by 54-19. Precinct 13-28 (Wheaton High School) had the highest Latino percentage in the district in 2000 (31%). Navarro beat Kramer there by 59-8. Precinct 13-02 was, along with 13-28, the closest precinct to Wheaton Library. Navarro led Kramer there 128-99.