Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blogs Dominate Online D4 Coverage

Imagine casual voters in District 4 investigating the candidates the new-fangled way: Googling their names. What would they find? You would think they would see a bunch of Washington Post and Gazette articles, right?

No way. They are seeing posts from Maryland Politics Watch and Just Up the Pike.

Check out these screen shots of Google searches from yesterday:

Yesterday, MPW had its fourth-most visited day in the blog's history. Six of our top ten most-visited days ever have occurred this month. (The other four occurred around the November 2008 general election.) Last month, MPW and Just Up the Pike set internal visit records. This month, MPW is on track to set another record.

Many voters still get their news from paper. But the online generation is increasingly adding blogs to their daily news diet. That's something to remember for 2010.