Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Navarro Goes After Ficker

Is this smart because she is slamming the candidate most hated by liberal Democrats and solidifying her progressive credentials? Or is it silly because she is not running against Ficker in the April 21 primary? We don't know, but it's entertaining. Read the press release below.

Stop Robin Ficker & the Republican Party in Montgomery County
Vote for Democrat Nancy Navarro on Tuesday, April 21

Montgomery County Democrats,

The right wing of Maryland's Republican Party is making a serious play for the District 4 County Council seat. Their perennial candidate, Robin Ficker, has recently carpetbagged into our community to try and turn District 4 red.

Nancy Navarro is the Democrat who is best able to defeat Robin Ficker and his plan to slash critical county services for working families and seniors.

The threat of Robin Ficker in public office is so dangerous, that in one of his previous runs for office, the Washington Post issued an endorsement entitled, "Anyone but Robin Ficker." They called Ficker the "hands-down winner of all awards for worst member of the Maryland General Assembly," citing his "inability to produce the slightest constructive legislative result."

Last November, Democrats underestimated the looming threat, handing Robin Ficker "his first victory in a 34-year quest." One political commentator told the Washington Post, "The political leadership of Montgomery County should be embarrassed. They took him for granted."

County Executive Ike Leggett even admitted, "The effort was not as vigorous as it should have been.... Some people did not think this was that big a deal, maybe because this was Ficker and because he had been defeated in the past."

With an energized and broad coalition of working families, progressive activists, youths, seniors, women, communities of color, business and labor -- Nancy Navarro is the Democrat who will stand up for all of us and ensure the extremists in the Republican Party do not gain a toe-hold in Montgomery County.