Tuesday, April 21, 2009

D4 Election Results 2

The contest between Nancy Navarro and Ben Kramer certainly tightened as the night progressed. Navarro now leads with 3557 votes to 3479 for Kramer. Just 78 votes separate the candidates. I don't know how many, if any, ballots are still outstanding including absentee or provisional ballots. The Washington Post reports that absentees will be counted starting on Thursday.

Cary Lamari received 690 votes with 104 for Robert Goldman, 99 for Thomas Hardman, and 58 for Michael Bigler. On the Republican side, new D4 resident Robin Ficker got 1187 to 571 for Louis August and 292 for Andrew Padula.

Around four times as many people voted in the Democratic as Republican primary in the obviously light special election turnout which attracted 10 percent of registered votes, though that number is depressed somewhat by the inclusion of ineligible unaffiliated voters among registered voters.