Sunday, April 19, 2009

Phil Andrews Meets Bernadette Peters

Montgomery County's Council President met the world-famous Bernadette Peters at the Strathmore last night. In an MPW exclusive, Phil Andrews confesses all!


I was the luckiest guy at Strathmore last night. I was sitting with my wife, Staci, watching the effervescent Bernadette Peters sing, "There is Nothing Like a Dame" from the musical South Pacific, when she approached the steps to the stage and started down. Since I was sitting in the seat closest to the steps, Ms. Peters would have had to consciously pass me by to serenade someone else. Demonstrating great kindness, she stopped in front of me, leaned over and sung to me from inches away for at least a couple of stanzas -- at which point she turned to Staci, asked "Is he with you?" and then said something very kind about me.

Although, as far as I know, there are no photographs, video or sound recordings of the event, none could match the experience of the moment.