Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pat Ryan Endorses Cary Lamari

Former District 4 candidate Pat Ryan has endorsed Cary Lamari. Following is his statement from Lamari's website.

To my fellow residents of Council District IV

I am writing to remind you to vote in the upcoming April 21 County Council primary election. Many of you have expressed disappointment that I wasn’t running again and asked me who I am voting for. After examining the qualifications of many of the candidates, I plan to vote for Cary Lamari and hope that you will consider doing the same.

Cary is a life-long county resident who will bring honesty, a vision for the future, independence, and a true citizen’s perspective to the County Council. Cary understands the need to provide for the housing needs of future citizens, the importance of a careful approach to future growth, and the need to preserve the vital natural resources with which Montgomery County has been endowed. Cary also understands the need for fiscal responsibility, and will make choices based on what is best for the citizens of Montgomery County. He is strong enough to stand up to unions, developers, or others who would put their interests ahead of his fellow citizens.

The council seat formerly held by Don Praisner is of vital interest to the future of Montgomery County. Please be sure to vote on April 21. If you supported me or Don last year, please cast your vote for Cary Lamari this year.

Pat Ryan