Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MCAD Activists Praise Wayne Goldstein

From Chris Ollo:

Wayne approached us and offered his insights and help in our efforts to make MCAD a park (at the County Council, where else!). He was a fund of knowledge and support, knew everyone, and had lots of advice. Beverly Sobel and I received a MCCF award just last month with him. He motivated us and made us activists, to not be shy about contacting our representatives and speaking at the County Council about our concerns. He did too, on our behalf. They knew him well, addressed him by name, and respected him. Yes, his legacy will last in all of us. He will be missed. Very sad.

Beverly Sobel, Wayne Goldstein and Chris Ollo.

Editor's Note: Chris Ollo is one of the McKenney Hills/Carroll Knolls/Plyers Mill neighbors who are fighting for a park at the Maryland College of Art and Design site on Georgia Avenue in Wheaton.