Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Letter to Wayne Goldstein

From Byron Bloch, former Chair, Montgomery County Civic Federation Transportation Committee.

Dear Wayne,

Please tell me, tell us all, that you are still with us. You are still fighting the battles for a better community. You are still railing against injustices in our communities. You are still advocating for historical preservation. You are still telling your funny anecdotal stories, each with a good moral lesson embedded within. You are figuring out which hat to wear for tomorrow's hearing, and polishing your notes about the key facts and the points you need to make. You are looking over the agenda for the forthcoming Civic Fed meeting, and deciding which actions to support.... and why it makes sense. Please, Wayne, we know you're up to something so very clever.... and we know we'll see you at the next civic event. We were so proud of you for being named a recipient of the 2008 Educational Excellence Award from the Maryland Historical Trust Board of Trustees.

And we all vividly remember and applauded you being honored with The Star Cup trophy award for outstanding public service to Montgomery County, presented at the 2008 Montgomery County Civic Federation's Annual Awards Banquet. Damn, you've done so much for all the rest of us. So, you know what, let's get together next week and rant about the many issues yet to be resolved. And, dear friend, please guide us through the maze... as you've always, always done with your hard work and brilliant insights. We love you, Wayne, with that friendly twinkle in your eye, that broad smile, compassion in your voice, and a dashing rake to your cap. Here's to you, Wayne Goldstein !

From Byron and Naomi Bloch, just two of your countless friends.