Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Donna Edwards Endorses Nancy Navarro

Following is a press release from the Navarro campaign.


April 1, 2009

Contact: David Moon, Campaign Manager

Congresswoman Donna Edwards Endorses
Nancy Navarro for County Council

Rep. Edwards Joins Navarro’s Broad Coalition of Supporters, Citing Navarro’s Commitment to Working Families

SILVER SPRING, MD – Today, Congresswoman Donna Edwards endorsed Nancy Navarro for Montgomery County Council, District 4. Citing Navarro’s commitment to working families, Rep. Edwards stated:

“Nancy Navarro is a leader. She is committed; she is smart; she is talented, and Montgomery County deserves her talent. Nancy Navarro stands for working people, and there's no better pocket to be in than in the pocket of working people -- people who get up every day and do the tough jobs that nobody else wants to do, and do the hard work of making this county and this state the kind of place it is.

We already know Nancy has been a leader on the school board, that she stood for education, not just for those who can buy their way out of the public schools, but for the children in the public school system who want to learn -- not just from kindergarten on, but from pre-kindergarten on.

If we don't stand up with Nancy now and for working people today, who knows what the future holds.”

Watch a video of Rep. Edwards statement at:

Rep. Donna Edwards joins a range of elected officials and organizations supporting Nancy Navarro: County Council members Valerie Ervin, Nancy Floreen, Mike Knapp, and George Leventhal, along with Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez. Navarro’s colleagues on the Board of Education, Dr. Judy Docca, Shirley Brandman and Chris Barclay are also supporting her candidacy.

Navarro’s organizational endorsers include Progressive Maryland, the Democratic Women’s PAC of Maryland, and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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