Friday, September 10, 2010

You Can’t Make This Up

We promise to someday drop the “Light Saqib, Dark Saqib” story, but it just won’t die. That’s because it was resurrected this morning in the Washington Post by none other than… Senator Nancy King.

When asked by the Huffington Post and WAMU about Dark Saqib, King’s campaign manager, Amy Yockus Hartman, said this:

First off, at no time, in any way whatsoever, did we, or would we, alter photos or attempt to insinuate anything about Delegate Saqib Ali other than the verified facts we have consistently laid out through this campaign -- the fact that he fell asleep and missed a crucial vote on education funding, and the fact that he broke his promise to reject special interest funding and then accepted $50,000 in corporate and PAC money.
That was an obvious falsehood as anyone looking at Light Saqib and Dark Saqib below can see.

Asked by the Washington Post about Dark Saqib, Senator King herself said this:

King said there was “absolutely no offense meant by it.”

“I’m not sure what happened with it. It could have been an error in our proofing. It could have been a printing error,” King said. “He infers that I did that to make his skin look dark. That’s not what this campaign has been about from the get-go. We live in a very diverse district and we don’t even need to go in that direction.”
Now Senator King could be right, but she is directly contradicting her own campaign manager, who denied ANY alteration.

Hartman has been prone to ranting outbursts in the past and has even mischaracterized our work. Now her statements to the press have been disavowed by her own client.

Absolutely. Bizarre.