Friday, August 20, 2010

Nancy King: Fight the Lies

Senator Nancy King's campaign sent out the following mass email concerning the push poll financed with tobacco money by Senate President Mike "Big Daddy" Miller's slate.

Dear Friends,

Saqib Ali spent the last year distorting Senator Nancy King's record. Now he's reached a new low - he's flat out lying, and he knows it.

It's shameless, and we need your help to fight back. Click here to volunteer.

Yesterday, a blogger accused our campaign of taking help from the tobacco industry. When confronted with the facts, the blogger relented: "The documents prove to our satisfaction that King did not join the slate prior to the push poll… Despite Saqib Ali's contentions, there is no evidence that King was responsible for the poll..."

The facts didn't slow Saqib down one bit. After the blogger publicly cleared Nancy's name, Saqib then attacked Nancy for being in the pocket of Big Tobacco.

Show Saqib that you're not going to stand by while he lies about Senator King. Click here to volunteer.

This is what we've come to expect from Saqib. He'll say anything to win an election. Just look at his last campaign. Four years ago, he pledged not to take money from corporations or PACs. He said that "will allow me to remain completely independent of special interests and entirely focused on the best interests of District 39." His promise to the voters must not have been too important to Saqib - because he's taken over $50,000 from corporations and political action committees since then.

Let Saqib know that you're not going to let him fast talk his way into the Senate. Click here to volunteer.

People in our community support Nancy King because she blocked a $23.4 million cut to our public schools, led the fight to keep children safe from abuse and neglect, and cracked down on foreclosure scams. Join us today to make sure she keeps fighting for us in Annapolis.


Amy Hartman
Campaign Manager