Friday, August 20, 2010

Manno Responds to Lenett's "Nagative Campaign"

Delegate Roger Manno (D-19), who is challenging Senator Mike Lenett, has responded to Lenett's email alleging that Manno harassed a ninety-year-old supporter of the Senator. The fact that Manno's response calls Lenett's allegations a "Nagative Campaign" suggests that his message was written in some haste. Following is Manno's email.

Mike Lenett's Nagative Campaign

Dear friends:

Many of you may have received a negative e-mail or a flyer from Mike Lenett this week.

Be aware that this is part of a coordinated negative campaign by Lenett. It’s a pattern. Lenett says one thing publicly, while behind the scenes he makes attacks filled with half-truths and straight out falsehoods.

In fact, throughout the campaign, Lenett has given out nasty and purposely misleading information while pretending to run a positive campaign.

I would like to thank all the people who have written in with kind words despite Lenett’s smear attacks. Please take heart in the fact that the great majority of people I’ve heard from see Lenett’s attacks for what they are: insulting and patently false.