Monday, September 13, 2010

Craig Rice: Royce Hanson's Getting Desperate

Council District 2 candidate Craig Rice sent out the following email about rival Royce Hanson yesterday.

Royce Hanson's getting desperate...‏

Dear Friends,

There are only 2 days until the primary election and one of my opponents is getting desperate. He's sent out 3 mailers trying to frame me as "mortgaging my campaign to special interests" while touting the majority of his contributions come from individuals.

The "special interests" he's referring to are groups like our hard-working firefighters and police, teachers, bus drivers and cafeteria workers who each have contributed to my campaign. In fact, he sought all of their endorsements and if he had been endorsed by them, they would have contributed to his campaign instead.

So is this sour grapes, or is Royce so principled that he wouldn't take money from these so-called "special interests?"

Well, in a taped interview with the League of Women Voters, that question was asked. And Royce Hanson said "I'm happy to receive contributions from anybody who wants to contribute to my campaign. I take the same position that Abraham Lincoln did. I'll walk with the devil if he's going in my direction."

See the video for yourself here:

Why is it ok for Royce to take money from anyone (including the devil), but not me? Sounds like old-school politics are afoot.

It appears Royce Hanson will just about say anything and mislead you to get into office. Do you want someone like Royce that will mislead you or someone like me who is endorsed by the hard-working men and women of this County, someone that will answer to YOU?

Vote Craig Rice for County Council, District 2 on Tuesday, September 14th and tell Royce Hanson he can't trick you into voting for him.

By authority: Citizens for Craig Rice, Vivian Rice, Treasurer