Monday, September 13, 2010

Ali Releases Canvass Counts

Senator Nancy King’s campaign manager sent out an email claiming momentum for the incumbent, but challenger Saqib Ali has done better: he has released his actual door knock and phone call counts through Saturday. That data shows a VERY busy campaign.

Here are Ali’s door knocks as recorded in MDVAN, the party-supplied voter contact database that most Democratic candidates use.


Not Home: 19,286
Refused: 1,604
Moved: 350
Deceased: 10
Canvassed: 7,632
Total: 29,815


Not Home: 22,440
Refused: 1,901
Deceased: 49
Canvassed: 3,959
Total: 34,608

Our political consultant spies comment that Ali’s contact rate (the percentage of attempts his canvassers actually reach voters) is a bit low, but they say his total number of attempts is excellent. Ali’s ground operation appears to be extremely active and that might make a difference in the election. Of course, we do not know King’s numbers. If her campaign releases them, we will print them for the sake of comparison.

Just one question: when does Saqib get any sleep? Heh… Get it?