Friday, September 03, 2010

Blog Coverage

In the heat of primary season, I get a lot of questions and heat about coverage here on Maryland Politics Watch. I thought I'd use this post for a little demystification:

(1) Do you and Adam coordinate your posts?

Adam's posts are Adam's posts, and David's posts are David's posts. I don't oversee, edit, or preview Adam's posts. As Adam gets paid the same as I do to write here (read: nothing), it hardly seems fair to edit him, especially since he does the vast majority of the work. On occasion, we consult but it is far more rare than common. We disagree on a variety of issues. Please ascribe credit and blame accordingly.

(2) How do I get more blog coverage?

Send us your stuff. In other words, if you have a new mailer or press release, send us a copy. That's how most campaign material gets up. We don't post everything--or promise to do so--but we try to give most Democratic campaigns a break. We sometimes cover endorsements as well.

Unfortunately, some campaigns send us more than others, so posts can lean more toward one campaign than gives me comfort at times. One can get the mistaken impression that MPW supports one campaign or another as a result.

I am concerned that the race between Sen. Nancy King and Del. Saqib Ali in District 39 may be an example of this as Del. Ali has sent in quite a few video clips and other material that Adam has posted, though lately we are seeing quite a lot from Sen. King so perhaps that has changed.

Of course, we may comment on material sent to us--as we often do on anything in the public domain. In District 39, for example, I have not supported either candidate, though I did express my peeves about Saqib quoting a post analyzing the race completely out of context on a flyer. Adam can speak for himself (see #1).