Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Manno Alleges Push Poll by Lenett

Delegate Roger Manno (D-19), who is challenging Senator Mike Lenett, has sent out a mass email to his supporters alleging that Lenett is responsible for "an anonymous, offensive and highly negative 'push poll.'" Following is Manno's message.


Dear friends:

Our campaign has received numerous calls from concerned voters in the 19th District regarding an anonymous, offensive and highly negative "push poll" currently being conducted by the campaign of Roger's opponent, Mike Lenett.

In a real poll, pollsters test a series of positive and negative statements about both candidates. Lenett’s poll makes highly exaggerated claims about Mike Lenett while making misleading negative statements about Roger. The push poll is a dirty and misleading campaign tactic usually employed by Republicans.

In addition, we’ve received many calls from voters who were asked specific personal information about their religious affiliation, something to the effect of "Are you Jewish?" and then asks the extent of that person's faith. If this is offensive to you, you are not alone.

We also understand that the push poll "tests" several positive messages about Mike Lenett, including lists of claimed accomplishments, then contrasts them against several highly negative messages against Roger - something to the effect of "Many people are saying that Roger Manno is a one-term Delegate, and that he is running for State Senate because he is ambitious," and "Many people are saying that Roger Manno is ineffective."

After running these series of highly misleading claims, the pollster asks if the person's opinion of Mike Lenett is more favorable than it was before this negative contrast was drawn.

If you have been targeted by this poll by Mike Lenett, please contact our campaign at 240-394-2099.

Thank you.

- Roger Manno for State Senate Team
One of our spies contacted us regarding this poll prior to Manno's email blast. The spy said:

My wife got surveyed yesterday. She’s pretty sure it was Lenett’s poll, based on the nature of the questions. Questions focused on Lenett/Manno, no mention of Leggett, O’Malley. Interesting follow up question on religion, which they asked very early in the survey – not as a housekeeping matter at the end. When she identified herself as Jewish, they asked if she considered herself Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist.
Polls are often difficult to characterize because callers tend to read questions very quickly and respondents' memories can be imperfect, even when they are taking notes. For example, District 19 Delegate candidate Sam Arora vigorously contested an account from one of our very best informants concerning one of his polls. The final truth about Arora's poll may not be known.

In any event, this poll, Manno's reaction to it and the continuing controversy over the "District 19 Reporter" guarantee that the burning embers of the District 19 Senate race are now white hot.