Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Follow the Money Some More, Part Three

In our ten-plus-year dataset of MoCo political contributions, business entities and PACs accounted for 25.9% of all receipts and labor PACs and political clubs accounted for 5.2%. Here are the leaders for each category.

Total Receipts from Business Entities (Including PACs but not Individuals)

1. Steve Silverman, County Council/Executive Challenger: $1,437,988
2. Ike Leggett, County Executive: $423,356
3. Rob Garagiola, Senator (D-15): $379,807
4. Sheila Hixson, Delegate (D-20): $227,928
5. George Leventhal, County Council: $195,719
6. Kumar Barve, Delegate (D-17): $190,630
7. Howard Denis, County Council: $187,102
8. Herman Taylor, Delegate (D-14): $174,376
9. John Hurson, Delegate (D-18): $166,475
10. Nancy Floreen, County Council: $166,432

Percentage of Total Receipts from Business Entities (Including PACs but not Individuals)

1. John Hurson, Delegate (D-18): 63.1%
2. Len Teitelbaum, Senator (D-19): 58.6%
3. Nancy King, Senator (D-39): 50.6%
4. Kumar Barve, Delegate (D-17): 50.3%
5. Sheila Hixson, Delegate (D-20): 50.1%
6. P.J. Hogan, Senator (D-39): 48.4%
7. Luiz Simmons, Delegate (D-17): 47.2%
8. Carol Petzold, Delegate (D-19): 47.0%
9. Jennie Forehand, Senator (D-17): 46.6%
10. Brian Feldman, Delegate (D-15): 46.3%

107. Leon Billings, Delegate (D-18): 0.0%
107. Jane de Winter, County Council Challenger: 0.0%
107. Steve Kanstoroom, County Council Challenger: 0.0%
107. Reggie Oldak, Delegate Challenger (D-16): 0.0%
103. Robin Ficker, County Executive/Council Challenger: 0.1%
102. Duchy Trachtenberg, County Council: 0.2%
101. Alec Stone, Delegate Challenger (D-19): 0.2%
100. Tom DeGonia, Delegate Challenger (D-19): 0.4%
99. Phil Andrews, County Council: 0.6%
98. Diane Nixon, Delegate Challenger (D-20): 1.0%

Many of the leaders in business receipts have positions that are conducive to raising that kind of money. Garagiola sits on the Senate Finance Committee. Hogan and King have held spots on the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee. Hixson is the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. Hurson and Barve have been House Majority Leaders. It is noteworthy that even though Hurson has been out of politics for almost five years, he has still raised more business money than longtime business ally Nancy Floreen. And that statistic only includes two of Hurson’s four terms.

Total Receipts from Labor

1. Tom Hucker, Delegate (D-20): $112,777
2. Valerie Ervin, County Council: $74,322
3. George Leventhal, County Council: $71,549
4. Nancy Navarro, School Board/County Council: $69,811
5. Rob Garagiola, Senator (D-15): $69,073
6. Howard Denis, County Council: $41,350
7. Roger Manno, Delegate (D-19): $39,010
8. Sheila Hixson, Delegate (D-20): $37,750
9. Ike Leggett, County Executive: $33,865
10. Kumar Barve, House Majority Leader (D-17): $33,100

Percentage of Total Receipts from Labor

1. Tom Hucker, Delegate (D-20): 47.5%
2. Valerie Ervin, County Council: 31.8%
3. Nancy Navarro, School Board/County Council: 24.1%
4. Joan Stern, Delegate (D-39): 21.9%
5. Craig Zucker, Delegate Challenger (D-14): 20.6%
6. Roger Manno, Delegate (D-19): 19.8%
7. Laura Berthiaume, Delegate/School Board: 17.3%
8. Charles Barkley, Delegate (D-39): 16.6%
9. Marc Elrich, County Council: 14.6%
10. Henry Heller, Delegate (D-19): 13.7%

Twenty-four tied at 0.0%

Phil Andrews, County Council
Sam Arora, Delegate Challenger (D-19)
Hugh Bailey, County Council Challenger
Dana Beyer, Delegate Challenger (D-18)
Shirley Brandman, School Board
Nancy Dacek, County Council
Hoan Dang, Delegate Challenger (D-19)
Jane de Winter, County Council Challenger
Sharon Dooley, County Council Challenger
Dan Farrington, Delegate Challenger (D-18)
Robin Ficker, County Executive/Council Challenger
Dan Fox, State’s Attorney Challenger
Steve Hollman, Senate Challenger (D-18)
Steve Kanstoroom, County Council Challenger
Guled Kassim, Delegate/County Council Challenger
Cary Lamari, County Council Challenger
Lucinda Lessley, Delegate Challenger (D-20)
John Mahoney, Senate Challenger (D-19)
Bo Newsome, Delegate/County Council Challenger
Diane Nixon, Delegate Challenger (D-20)
Reggie Oldak, Delegate Challenger (D-16)
Jean Roesser, Senator (D-15)
Ryan Spiegel, Delegate Challenger (D-17)
Alec Stone, Delegate Challenger (D-19)

Hucker, as the founder of Progressive Maryland, and Ervin, who spent twenty-five years in the labor movement, are natural leaders in labor money. Denis, a Republican who served six years on the County Council, was also one of its most pro-union members. Elrich, Heller and Barkley are all former MCEA members.

We’ll look at self-funding tomorrow.