Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vote Absentee, Vote Once

Maryland may have faulty voting machines but it fortunately also has no-fault absentee voting. This means that anyone can request and vote absentee even if they will be at home on the day of the election. If the Democrats (and for that matter, the Republicans) are smart, they will encourage voters to cast absentee ballots. Each Democrat who votes by absentee ballot is a vote already in the bag and makes the get-out-the-vote effort on Election Day that much easier.

Voters should vote absentee because it will assure that they are able to vote. No problem if the polling place doesn't open on time. No problem if the check-in machine crashes. No chance of having to vote by provisional ballot. No long lines if many people show up at the polls. In short, vote absentee, vote once--it may be once more than if you wait until November 7th. If you live in Montgomery County, go download your application here now.