Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Central Committee

Most of the candidates for Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee are running together as a team. Two are elected from each of the eight legislative districts and seven are elected at-large by Democrats throughout the County. There are contested races for the at-large seats and in District 19. Here are the members of the Democratic Leadership Team 2006 slate:

District 14: Arthur Edmunds and Tracy Terrell.
District 15: Milton Minneman and Venattia Vann.
District 16: Simon Atlas and Paul Mandell.
District 17: Steve Fisher and Elly Shaw-Belblidia.
District 18: Oscar Ramirez and Vic Weissberg.
District 19: Elliot Chabot and Marie Wallace.
District 20:Karen Czapanskiy and Jose Vazquez.
District 39: Sandra Raymond and Kirill Reznik.
At-Large: Dan Adcock, Alan Banov, Karen Britto, Andrea Eaton, Vivian Malloy, Beth Siniawsky, and Vilma White.

Think again if you think that Central Committee doesn't matter. According to the Gazette, 30 of the 141 current delegates and 11 of the 47 sitting senators were originally selected by the central committee when their predecessor stepped down between the regularly scheduled quadrennial elections for the General Assembly.