Saturday, September 09, 2006

District 20 Senate Race Gets Meaner

The Washington Post has written a piece on the rough race for state Senate in District 20 between challenger Jamie Raskin and incumbent Sen. Ida Ruben.

The latest polling scuttlebutt is that Ruben now trails Raskin the polls which may well explain why she has sent out an incredibly dishonest flyer about Raskin just before the election. The flyer claims that "Jamie Raskin helped put George W. Bush into office." The piece goes on to say "his support for the third party candidate helped deliver the Presidency to George W. Bush." There is also a photo of President Bush with a bubble saying "Thanks, Jamie!" Utterly ridiculous drivel.

Heard on the campaign trail: "The only person who could beat Ida Ruben is Ida Ruben and she is more than capable of doing it."

The polling from District 20 also suggests that incumbent Del. Sheila Hixon and Takoma Park Councilwoman Heather Mizeur are locks for two of the delegate seats. Indeed, Mizeur may come in first. Incumbent Garreth Murray, Aaron Klein and Tom Hucker are fighting it out for the third slot.