Thursday, September 28, 2006

BoE Retraining Election Judges

I was pleased to read in the Gazette that the Montgomery County Board of Elections has begun retraining election judges:

On the list is a countywide retraining program for election judges. About 1,500 check-in judges, whose job includes operating the e-poll book to verify voter information, will undergo the retraining early next month, said Paul Valette, operations manager for the county elections board. ‘‘We are most concerned with these judges because they use the equipment all day, and are the first step for voters in the voting processes,” he said.
It's easy to bash the Board of Elections at this point but I'm pleased that they appear to be on top of the key issues which need to be addressed before the general election. Prince George's is working to improve the situation as well. Of course, the "final exam" for the Boards of Election in both counties will be held November 7th.