Friday, September 22, 2006

Ehrlich Accuses Duncan of Faking Depression

According to Laura Vozella's column in the Baltimore Sun, Bob Ehrlich is claiming that Senate President Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael Busch "saved Martin O'Malley from what was sure to be a vicious primary fight". Is Ehrlich, who expressed sympathy to Duncan at the time, now claiming that Doug Duncan was faking depression for the good of the Democratic Party?

The idea that Duncan took a dive or invented depression to get out of the primary is not just ridiculous, it's mean. Duncan could have used the usual blah, blah of wanting to spend more time with his family or do what is best for the party if he wanted out of the gubernatorial primary campaign. Instead, our County Executive courageously chose to share some very personal information and explain the truth.

Ehrlich owes not only Duncan but Miller and Busch an apology for this nasty slur which reflects far more on the character of his campaign than that of the Democrats.