Saturday, September 16, 2006

Madaleno's Mailbox

Del. Rich Madaleno, the District 18 Democratic nominee for Senate, received the following in his email this morning:

The truth about homosexuality is coming out in Maryland. Same-sex attraction and transgender feelings are abnormal, preventable, and treatable. They spring from faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent, starting during the critical period ages 18 months to five years.

The people of Maryland have been misinformed for decades. That is ending.

Feelings aren't facts. Perverse sexuality is a kind of addiction. You are too close to the problem to see it.
First male homosexuality was blamed on boys being too close to their mothers. Now the father is the problem. Lesbians are created by their mothers. I suppose that is an improvement over blaming it on too much sports in school.

There is some good news for gays and lesbians in this hate mail. Same-sex adoption of daughters by gay male couples and sons by lesbians should become all the rage. Since there is no same-sex parent involved, no problems can arise which would prevent the delicate flower that is heterosexuality from emerging.

Will someone please think of the children?

It's emails like these that make it hard to buy the idea that anyone really can "hate the sin but not the sinner." Anti-gay advocates adopt the minimum degree of tolerance required to gain a public hearing for their position. The happy news it that this level is now pretty high with support for civil unions widespread and support for marriage rising.