Friday, September 22, 2006

Love Tap or Punch?

Developer Leo Bruso has accused Senate President Mike Miller (D-Calvert) of slugging him with a punch to the jaw as he left a Prince George's County Council meeting. Miller, who will have to appear in court to defend himself, completely denies the accusation. Both the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun report that Miller has a witness, Yates Clagett, who supports his side:

"When he got to Leo, he grabbed Leo's arm and not even in a swing or anything placed his fist on Leo's cheek in a kind of a 'Hey buddy, how you doing.' It was not a swing, it was not malicious, it was a 'Hey, man, how you doing, good to see you,' politician kind of thing," said Clagett, who counts Miller as a family friend and has done business with Bruso.

"And then Mr. Bruso immediately snapped and swung at Senator Miller and hit Senator Miller, and I saw Senator Miller's head come back," Clagett said. "If anybody should be filing a complaint, it ought to be Senator Miller against Mr. Bruso."

Unless Bruso can produce a witness or a hospital report, it sounds like Miller should have no problem explaining his conduct in court.