Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kensington Labor Day Parade

The Kensington Labor Day Parade grows larger every year and the politicians will be out in force with the primary less than 10 days away. Kensington Councilman Al Carr, a candidate for delegate, has already sent out an email inviting people to the parade. Since I am volunterring on their campaign, I know that Del. Richard Madaleno, who is running for the Senate, will be marching with Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez and Del. Jane Lawton, who are seeking reelection. The other state legislative candidates will likely be out working the festival ground which open at 10AM, which is also when the parade starts.

You can also say hello to Rep. Chris Van Hollen who will undoubtedly be marching with his usual band of blue-shirted volunteers. I bet State's Attorney Doug Gansler, hoping to move up to the attorney general's office, won't miss the opportunity to press the flesh either, though his supporters will be in red shirts that you can't miss from a mile off. Of course, if you are actually a resident of Kensington, it is probably a good chance to catch up with Mayor Peter Fosselman and other members of the Town Council.