Thursday, September 14, 2006

One Election Winner: MCEA

The Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) was unquestionably one of the big winners in Tuesday's primary.

All but three of their endorsed candidates for county or state legislative office in Montgomery won their primaries. The exceptions are one candidate for senate, Ida Ruben in District 20, and two candidates for delegate, Elbridge James in District 17 and Melodye Berry in District 19.

The power of MCEA was certainly on display in the County Council elections. Their three endorsed candidates came in first, second, and third. Nancy Floreen, a one-term incumbent who was at more forums which I attended than any other candidate, won the fourth seat. Longtime incumbent Michael Subin was defeated for reelection.

MCEA-endorsed school board candidates certainly romped to reelection. I can't say that I'm too surprised Shirley Brandman won their endorsement and tromped her opponents at the polls. She is smart, pleasant, and has an impressive resume as long as your arm. Not to mention that you could see those bright gold campaign t-shirts a mile away. Nancy Navarro also won despite being dissed by the Washington Post, a mysterious decision to at least some people I know who follow education issues in the County.

In state legislative elections, their endorsement probably helped longtime incumbent Marilyn Goldwater stave off a tough challenge from Washington Post-endorsed Reggie Oldak. However, MCEA's power is most apparent in District 18 where it seems safe to say that MCEA support accounts for Jeff Waldstreicher's small margin over Dan Farrington.