Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gazette News Roundup

It's the last issue of the Gazette before the election so there is lots of political coverage, starting with "Battling Dems enter final week". Probably no one is battling harder than Donna Edwards, who is giving Al Wynn his toughest challenge since his first election to Congress.

Meanwhile, Democrats worry about a black backlash if both Kweisi Mfume and Stu Simms lose their primaries for statewide office though Anthony Brown is sure to be nominated for lieutenant governor on a ticket with Martin O'Malley. Senate President Mike Miller worries that the Dems need to nominate a woman (read: Janet Owens, who Miller supports).

The race for Montgomery County Executive is described as "testier" as Steve Silverman has begun running advertisements on television attacking his opponent, Ike Leggett. Some say it is a tea party compared to events in Prince George's, where Rushern Baker is picking up momentum in his battle to unseat Jack Johnson, though Johnson appears to retain the lead. The Gazette has an article summarzing the races for open seats in the Prince George's state legislative delegation. Meanwhile, Prince Georgians have to sort out eighteen candidates for their first school board election in ten years, as well as in contests in several council races.

One of the more interesting articles details changes to the the voting machines. Surprisingly, the article fails to mention that the check-in procedure at the polls has also been made electronic. A friend of mine who attended the training to become an election judge said that most of the elderly people who were also at the training and serve as election judges found the new system confusing so prepare for problems and to be patient.