Thursday, September 02, 2010

Who Has Been Taking Currie’s Money? (Updated)

Although the indictment against Senator Ulysses Currie (D-25) came down yesterday, most political observers have been anticipating that something like this would happen since the FBI raided his house in May 2008. Most candidates have shied away from accepting Currie’s financial assistance since then, reasoning that it would be viewed as tainted in the event of his prosecution. But a few people decided to take his money anyway. Here is a complete list of all candidates for office who have accepted contributions from Currie since the FBI raid.

Senator Nancy King: $1,500 from Currie on 1/11/10
Senator David Harrington: $1,000 from Currie on 1/12/10
Senator Rona Kramer: $1,000 from Currie on 8/3/10
Senator David Harrington: $1,000 from Currie on 8/5/10
Governor Martin O’Malley: $1,000 from Currie on 8/26/10

Update: Senator King advises us that she rejected Currie's check. Indeed, Currie's campaign account records the expenditure to King, but King's account does not report depositing the money. Currie's account should have shown a returned contribution from King but does not. Perhaps that is one of the many irregularities that caused Currie to fire his Treasurer.