Sunday, September 12, 2010

SEIU Protests Misleading Puca Mailer

District 39 House candidate Tony Puca has an impressive roster of logos on his mailer. The problem is that he is listing them as "present and past endorsements," and almost all of them were made in the past, if ever.

SEIU Local 500 Executive Director Dave Rodich had this comment:

Tony Puca’s latest campaign piece appears intended to deliberately mislead voters in District 39 into believing that he has been endorsed for election by SEIU. He has not. He is using our logo without our permission. In fact, he has included the logos of several organizations who I know have not endorsed his candidacy.

We call on the voters of District 39 to see through this attempt by Mr. Puca to deceive them and to, instead, to support the outstanding candidates in District 39 who truly have been endorsed by our union: Delegates Charles Barkley, Kirill Reznik, delegate candidate Shane Robinson for election and, in the Senate Race, Senator Nancy King.
Meanwhile, Puca is complaining on his Facebook page that the mailer may not even be sent out until after the election. You can't... make... it... up!