Friday, September 03, 2010

Saqib Email: "Nancy King is Lying"

District 39 Senate challenger Saqib Ali issued a mass email yesterday denouncing Senator Nancy King, saying, "Nancy King has gone too far with her numerous attack mailers. She wants to win this Senate race at any cost, even if it means telling lies." Following is Ali's email.

Nancy King is Lying

Dear Friend:

Nancy King has gone too far with her numerous attack mailers. She wants to win this Senate race at any cost, even if it means telling lies.

Over the past few days I have received no less than 5 pieces of campaign mail from Nancy King. You probably have too. Usually when people get campaign mail, they expect a discussion of issues or a clear contrast of ideas. However Nancy's entire campaign is based 100% on a false smear that I have slept through votes in Maryland's Assembly. She has even created an attack website dedicated entirely to reinforcing this untruthful claim. Nancy is lying, plain and simple.

The truth is that I work long hours in Annapolis on your behalf. Sometimes 12 hours or more. During breaks in this action, people go out for pizza, socialize or rest. I was sacked-out on a couch during one of these breaks when someone snuck a photo of me without my knowledge. Nancy got a hold of that photo and is now sending them to you to convince you that I'm lazy. It's dishonorable, despicable and it must stop. One might expect to see these tactics amongst Republicans in South Carolina, but not Democrats in Montgomery County.

I urge you to ask yourself the following question: "Why would a sitting state senator behave this way instead of discussing the issues that Marylanders care about?" The answer to this question is becoming increasingly clear. Nancy King is trying to distract and deceive voters to prevent an honest debate about the issues. She is doing this because she knows that her position on many issues is far out-of-step with District 39. And she is doing it to avoid answering questions that many voters keep asking.

Here is a list of those questions:

1. Why were you the only Board of Education Member to vote against common-sense sex education for MCPS students?

2. Why do you remain a member of an election committee that used money from tobacco behemoth Phillip Morris to fund a telephone smear campaign against Saqib Ali?

3. Why did you lead the charge to extend corporate tax loopholes so that corporations like Wal-Mart can continue to avoid paying state taxes?

4. Why did you chose the alcohol lobby over Mothers Against Drunk Driving when you voted to loosen restrictions on sugary, alcoholic beverages commonly consumed by teenagers?

5. Why did you vote against common-sense safety legislation to ban hand-held cell phone usage while driving?

On each of these issues, Nancy King stood with Republicans and special interests instead of siding with Democrats. That's why the Washington Post call her "an old-school pol."

Please don't let Nancy King deceive and distract her way out of answering these questions. It's time to hold her accountable. You can do so by spreading this email amongst your friends, family, co-workers and any community email lists. We deserve a state senator who will represent us honestly and will not sink to this level. I promise I will be exactly such a senator.

The election is on September 14th. Only 12 days away. We can make a difference.

- Saqib

P.S. For a comprehensive rebuttal of Nancy King's smears, visit