Monday, September 13, 2010

More From MCEA (Two Updates)

This kind of mailer is why so many of MCEA's endorsed candidates are mad at them. The title of this mailer, which arrived in District 19 on Saturday, is "See Who Teachers Have Recommended." But it is only a partial list of their recommendations which includes just the candidates who have paid to be in the mailer. Becky Wagner is the only at-large candidate to appear, potentially leading readers to believe that she is MCEA's only at-large endorsee given the title of the mailer. We are hearing serious rumbles of a backlash by MCEA's own endorsed candidates after the primary.

Update: Based on what we are hearing, we are questioning whether all of these candidates have paid to appear in the mailer.

Update 2: Council Member Nancy Navarro has told us that she has never paid MCEA but she is in the mailer.