Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mike Lenett's Facts

Senator Mike Lenett's mailer, "Working Together for Real Leadership and Real Results," contains a fact page on himself and his opponent, Delegate Roger Manno. Lenett's fact recitation reads:

While Mike’s opponent, Roger Manno, and those who opposed Mike’s run in 2006 are hoping to distract you from the issues and Mike’s record, here are the facts:

Fact #1: Mike has passed over 3 times as much legislation as his opponent, including bills to protect the environment, help seniors and individuals with disabilities, expand economic opportunity, protect working families, help families caught in foreclosures, and protect public safety.

Fact #2: Mike has been honored as state-wide Legislator of the Year by 5 organizations.

Fact #3: Whereas Mike has been elected by his colleagues into Senate Leadership and has been given a special committee chairmanship, Mike’s opponent has not achieved these positions in the House.

Now here are some facts about Roger Manno:

Fact #1: Mike’s opponent has the second lowest success rate in passing legislation of any Montgomery County legislator over the last 4 years.

Fact #2: Mike’s opponent has withdrawn more legislation in the face of opposition than any Montgomery County legislator over the last 4 years, nearly one-third of all the bills he’s introduced and more than twice the number of bills he’s passed.

Fact #3: Mike’s opponent introduced 13 bills this session, none of which were successful.

Fact #4: The “Shift Breaks” bill Mike’s opponent lists as one of his major accomplishments actually was a bill he was unable to pass for several years; finally, his Chairman took over the bill, pushed it through committee, and switched the names on the bill to allow Manno to have a bill with his name on it.

Fact #5: Although Mike’s opponent has claimed that his pension fund legislation is the “first solution to fully fund” teacher pension costs, this is not true; his proposal is over $300 million short of a solution, which is why his bill was unanimously rejected by every Democrat and Republican on two committees.

When you know the facts, there’s no comparison.

That’s why we’re all joining Governor O’Malley in supporting Senator Mike Lenett’s strong, effective, and collaborative leadership.
We reprint Lenett’s entire mailer below.