Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Manno, Supporters Respond to Lenett Nuke Site

District 19 Senate challenger Roger Manno and some of his most prominent supporters have issued the following response to Senator Mike Lenett's nuclear attack website.

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Silver Spring - Today, Roger Manno issued a response to the divisive and deceitful campaign attacks launched by Mike Lenett over Labor Day Weekend.

“Over the weekend, Mike Lenett published a website, paid for by his campaign that contains hateful and deceitful personal attacks on me and my family,” said Manno. “But, the worst part is that Lenett uses my name to distort the truth and in a way that conjures racial and ethnic undertones that are clearly designed to scare voters. In 2002, I changed my name from “Rajah” to Roger (I often think that, being born in California in the 1960’s I’m lucky I wasn’t named “Flower.”). I have been called Roger all my life and made it official at that time. Yet Lenett would have you believe that I led a secret and undesirable life under the name Rajah that I hid from people.”

Manno continued – “In addition, Mike Lenett has sent out 3 mailings suggesting that I am soft on gang violence and gun control. The truth is that I strongly support gun control, and I strongly oppose gang violence. In fact, when I was a child, I was a victim of both domestic and gang violence. That’s very painful, even today. I am shocked that Mike Lenett would sink this low.”

Lenett’s site also contains a copy of a campaign mailer that he has sent to District 19 voters. “This mailer was carefully designed to trick voters into thinking that these false allegations have all been previously published about me and reported on in newspaper articles. Furthermore, my ethics forms are up to date and accurate. This is absolutely a lie and it is extremely deceptive,” Stated Manno.

“Mike Lenett’s actions over the last few weeks are a desperate attempt by him to retain the State Senate seat. He has taken Montgomery County politics into the gutter like no other candidate before him. Today, I call upon Mike Lenett to do the right thing and remove this website and stop these deceitful attacks”, said Roger Manno. Attached to this release is an additional personal statement issued by Roger Manno that tells his story.”


“It has been said that ‘The truth will set you free.’ Some believe that telling the truth allows the suffering to speak. Telling the truth is an action. Mike Lenett needs to take action and stop the lies and hate directed at Delegate Roger Manno and his family. The residents of District 19 have had enough and they deserve better. Delegate Roger Manno has been one of the most powerful, truthful and articulate voices that have represented Montgomery County in Annapolis. It’s time to stand up for the truth and elect Roger Manno as the next Senator from District 19.”
Montgomery County Council Vice President, Valerie Ervin

“In the closing days of a campaign, voters deserve to hear why you belong in office. In the final days of this campaign, Mike Lenett has instead chosen to attack Roger Manno and his wife. Attacking a candidate’s spouse – especially when she’s accused of nothing illegal or unethical – is a line that should not be crossed in a political campaign.”
Delegate Brian Feldman, Montgomery County

“Mike Lenett is a lawyer. He knows how to document a case and he knows the difference between facts and innuendo. But you don’t have to be a lawyer to know that sending out a mail piece with fake newspaper headlines is something no reputable campaign would ever do. Launching racially provocative attacks is something no reputable campaign would ever do. This is a new low in Montgomery County politics.”
Delegate Susan Lee, Montgomery County

"This is a terrible distortion of facts, and a clear indication of the desperation of Lenett's campaign. This kind of extreme divisive behavior is exactly why every former elected legislator from District 19 who has endorsed, and the Gazette and Washington Post newspapers, have ALL endorsed Roger Manno for State Senate."
Former State Senator, Len Teitelbaum

“This is the Mike Lenett I know. He distorts the facts and does what he wants to get his way. Last Session Lenett amended a bill he authored to make it conform to a portion of the Speaker’s “Safe Schools Act” and then claimed the Speaker used his language verbatim. The fact that Roger Manno legally and publicly changed his name a decade ago is not relevant to this election and is a desperate unscrupulous attempt by Lenett to deceive voters. Mike Lenett continues to misrepresent the facts time and time again.”
Delegate Hank Heller

"I have known Roger Manno for many years and worked with him on many issues in our district and in our Kemp Mill community. Roger is a person of great character and integrity and someone who I know cares deeply about our community. That is why I stand by him and endorse him to be our next State Senator."
Behnam Dayanim, former president of Kemp Mill Civic Association

"As Rosh HaShana approaches and we reflect on the past year's words and deeds, Mike Lennett should be ashamed of his campaign's personal attacks on Roger Manno--as well as those against Roger's mother and wife. These racial and religious undertones are the worst kind of hateful, negative campaigning. Roger brings people together, listens to our concerns, and fights for our issues. It is that kind of leadership that will make Roger an outstanding State Senator for District 19."
Alec Stone, Community Activist

For more information, or to "Check the Facts" please visit www.rogermanno.com.