Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kelly Kicks Lierman Again

District 16 House candidate Ariana Kelly has gone negative against rival Kyle Lierman again. Here's a post on her website, to which she is steering traffic through ads on Facebook.

Kyle Meets a Voter

The following is an actual email our campaign received from a previously undecided voter in Wyngate recounting Kyle Lierman's attempt to "persuade" her to vote for him. Though amusing, the email also shows how nominating Kyle would hurt the Democratic ticket in the November election (which, lest we forget, we still have to win.) To read Ariana Kelly's blog on how her nomination will help the Democratic ticket, click here.



Re: "Stop Kyle Lierman" ad on facebook

Your "Stop Kyle Lierman" ad on facebook that links to "Washington Post Exposes Forces Behind Lierman Campaign" is excellent!

That punk kid showed up in my front yard on XXXXXXXX in the Wyngate neighborhood and disgusted me with his arrogance. He's a jerk. Turn him loose to act like a know-it-all with the over-50 crowd, and he might shoot himself in his own foot despite the money from his daddy's old buddies.

I tend towards being quite conservative. I did not like the left-wing ideas he was spouting as he stood in my yard, and I told him so. Now, I'm no fool: I realize that most Democrats in this district are quite liberal, but I am allowed my opinions also. And if the kid standing on my property asking for my vote can't hear me out and can only say, "You need to leave the Democratic party," then the little jerk sure as the heck is not going to listen to my opinions once he is elected.

Ariana Kelly is more liberal than I would want if I were designing the world, but she has a good lot of experience, is well connected to this neighborhood, did not grow up as a spoiled rich kid, and understands what it's like to be a grown up. I expect to vote for her, and it was the "Stop Kyle Lierman" ad that drew me to Kelly's column.

Lierman is a punk kid who deserves to have his butt kicked. Someone should tell him to get a job and support himself for two or three years before he runs for public office. He's arrogant, offensive, inexperienced, and doesn't deserve to be elected as dog-catcher.


XXXXXXXXXXX (Name Withheld at Voter's Request)

So here's a question. Are these attacks going to stay online or is Kelly going to put them in the mail?