Friday, September 10, 2010

Forehand Responds to Kagan on Tobacco Vote

Senator Jennie Forehand's campaign manager sent us the following statement in response to challenger Cheryl Kagan's criticism of Forehand's mailer on tobacco.


So, let's see if we have this right. Kagan was RIGHT to vote with Republicans, pro-tobacco Conservative Democrats and the tobacco industry? And the rest of the Montgomery County Delegation (including the late liberal GOP Delegate Jean Cryor), anti-tobacco activists and Governor Parris Glendening were wrong? See the attached vote tally.

Her vote was bad on the grounds of tobacco policy, that much has been proved by subsequent (non-job killing) tobacco tax increases. But what was especially bad is that Kagan cast these votes knowing full well that her stance would endanger funding for Garrett Park and possibly Rockville.

Take a look at the attached vote tally sheet. What should we believe, spin from the Kagan campaign to distract us from the real issue, or our own eyes?

Charlotte Davis
Campaign Manager
Senator Jennie Forehand Re-Election Campaign
(240) 426-8741